Saturday, May 12, 2007

New everything!

So this was one of the Bella's I got a few weeks ago and I haven't played with yet. I just love the Bella's, they are so fun. I also used a piece of new paper from the May special of Palette o Prints. These new papers are gorgeous! And last but not least...
I got 3 new alphabets on a scrapbooking show on QVC. (I'm a little bit of a QVC addict too.) Anyway they come in this great little tin, with the 3 different alphabets, and an acrylic block. Why do I love it? Because you can MAKE YOUR OWN WORDS. The CHEERS is from the one alphabet. Just place the letters on the block, and stamp. Because CHEERS has 2 E's, I stamped the CHE then the ERS. TO FUN!!!!