Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well, I'll be amazed if anyone is still lingering out there. But the answer is yes, I'm still alive. Between a computer crash, a trip to Jamaica, 20 horses that required food in the dead of winter, and maybe a little slacking off....well I fell of the face of the blogging planet. But I'm back....

So today's goal is to share just a little bit of Jamaica with you and then in the coming days I will catch you up with my life...and maybe I'll try walking into my craft room...we'll see.

All I can say is yes...a lot of locals really do look like this...and yes they smoke A LOT of the wacky weed.

We went on this "girls" trip because our friend Kristy was getting married. A sunset wedding on Valentines day, in Jamaica. It truly was amazingly beautiful!!!!!

Sunsets like this EVERY never got old. In fact....can I go back???

Here was the view from the lobby of our resort. It was beautiful every day!!!!

This is a crazy cliff diver at Rick's Cafe. 90 feet in the air. Won't jump until he has $20 in his little money bucket. Rough day at the office for these guys.

I hope you are all well....I promise to try to catch up!!!