Tuesday, May 29, 2007

How to make a microbeaded window

Can you say busy weekend???? I can. I haven't posted since Friday. I won't bore you with the details, instead let's teach you how to make a beaded window card.Start with a 3x3 piece of paper and use your square punch to punch out a square in the center.
Now take a piece of clear packing tape and adhere it to one side of the paper. In this case I wanted the argyle side of the paper to show on the card so put the tape on the opposite side. Now turn the paper over.
Set your square in your tray with sticky side of the tape showing through the window. You then pour microbeads all over the square, getting them to stick to the tape.
Your window will now look like this. Microbeads covering it, with no sticky stuff left.
Now you will stamp something to appear through your window. I used the ENJOY square out of BE HAPPY. I stamped in Amethyst and rolled the edges in Eggplant.
Adhere your window over your image.
Here is the finished product. Instead of applying microbeads you can use Dazzling Diamonds as well. I'm not crazy about the finished product, but it's done!


Linda said...

Great tutorial - never thought about using Microbeads instead of glitter! I also liked how you snipped the ends of the flower petals. Very nice!