Friday, September 21, 2007

Spooky Sweets Candy Cup Tutorial

Finally, a new tutorial!!!!! So this is another inspiration that I took out of convention this year. These little candy cups are so cute and fairly simple to make. The first one takes the longest just to establish the the template, after that it's quick easy production. (Let me just say before you start looking, I realized that I have a couple of fussy pictures and I TOTALLY apologize. They looked okay on my little screen, but then when I edited-not so great. You'll get the idea, as they are kind of non-essential ones, but just wanted to apologize.)Alright, start with your Dixie cup. I think mine are 5 oz ones, the medium sized bathroom ones. Mine were the kind of waxy ones, I would maybe recommend getting the more papery ones.
Roll the curled edge of the cup up to make it easier for the next step.
Cut that top edge off following the line of the picture. Pull the cup apart at the seam and remove the bottom.
Your cup should be looking like this.
Use that to make a template out of a scrap that you can retain and use again and again.
Trace onto your designer paper. I was able to trace 4 of them onto a piece of 12x12.
Now cut out one of them, it should look like this.
Now you will wrap your cup. I used adhesive and sticky strip on the two connecting edges to make sure it would stay on.
Now before you see it finished, I wanted you to see my ribbon. I took orange ribbon from the Halloween pack I bought at Micheals, the Martha stuff. Then I stamped "Treats" from Spooky Sweets from Paper Trey. Viola, I have my own designer ribbon-fun huh?
Last I stamped the Spooky Sweets, punched it out with an oval punch (wish I had the scalloped one for that size, but alas I can't own everything.), direct to paper added the orange ink. Now pay attention this is the fun part: Punch a hole with your 1/8 hole punch and make a little snip up to the hole. This will allow your tag to sit right on your cup.
Here we are-ALL DONE!!! See how that little tag sits on there? FUN FUN FUN! Filled with Hershey nuggets that have been altered using Paper Trey's Spooky Sweets set.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Halloween Tree

Good morning all!

Well, first off I just have to say that the pictures I took of today's project do NOT do it enough justice as to how stinkin cute it really is! This is one of my Halloween projects, at the beginning of October I'll set up my Halloween decorations on the table in my foyer-and this will be my new addition.I bought the little tree at Hobby Lobby for $4.99. Then scallop punched orange and black. I used every image in the Batty for You set to make ornaments. I LOVE THAT set!!!!! Okay, and my newest find-stamping and scraping supplies from the queen herself-Martha-at Micheal's. (Can just say-SHUT UP!-great another place for me to spend $-between Stampin' Up, Paper Trey, and Martha, the money is flying out the window!) Whoa, back to my point, I bought the ribbon that is going around the tree (it says Happy Halloween) and the colored baker's ribbon (to hang the ornaments) from Martha's line. Honest to goodness, I spent an hour and 15 minutes in the first two isles at Micheal's looking at the Martha stuff. Came out with just the ribbon (for now), shows a lot of restraint!
I wish you could see it in real life, it is so CUTE! My 8 year old came home from school and saw it and said "Mom, that is just fabulous! How do you always just whip this stuff up while we are at school?" THAT's a boy saying that-So cute!!! I have to say, he is my biggest fan, always sayin how GREAT my stuff is. Which is really cute because my boys are ALL boy, football, baseball, mud, deer hunting, etc., so it's always sweet to me when he likes my "girly" stuff. Okay, enough kid blah, blah, blah-I really try hard to not do to much of that on this blog. Anyway, have a great day. I'm off to shampoo my living room carpet before the mailman brings my new Paper Trey stuff (I hope today)!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Well it's an all breast cancer kind of day today. Can I just tell you that I fought will blogger over that previous post for about an HOUR! Honestly, I was about to throw my computer out the window. Here I'm trying to do this uplifting post and I'm yelling at blogger instead! Anyway, it's better now! My first project is a double slider card, my first one as a matter of fact! (click here for instructions) I bought the Beautiful Life set from SU shortly after my sister's diagnosis and just knew I would use it for some kind fo project like this! The flowers and the interior sentiment are from Paper Trey's Beautiful Blooms set. These two sets together are beautiful. I made this card for a couple of people who made significant donations to my walk.
This is the inside of the card when you slide it out. I love that saying on the front of the card.
Then last are these little jars of the breast cancer M & M's. I made them for "my girls" at work that contributed. The little jars were $.99 at Hobby Lobby. Way to cute for the price. Then I wrote out little thank you's to go with them. I totally forgot to take a picture of the cards before sealing the envelopes. They were very sweet, I used the Gratitude definition from the SU set Define your life-just use your imagination!!!Hee, hee!

Remember to do your exam's ladies!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday!!!

Join the Journey!!!

Good morning all. Well yesterday was an beautiful day to walk 10 miles!!! Yep, yesterday was my cancer walk. What an inspiring day! Over 800 walkers and they raised $100,000. Truly amazing! This walk was started 3 years ago and it is so impressive because all the money raised goes to help local cancer patients. The money has helped them hire a massage therapist to do massages during chemo, to provide an excellent cancer book free to all new patients, and gift cards to local grocery stores and gas stations, and scarfs for new chemo patients. Cancer survivors were given a pink tee shirt and supporters given a white one. That's me in the middle with my mom and my sister. My sister walked ALL 10 miles with me-amazing! My mom went 8, with a little side trip of rowing in the river during one lap around the lake. My mom will be 70 next birthday-pretty impressive huh

This my mom and sister sitting in the bleachers at opening ceremonies.

So on to some of the fun stuff. The winner of the my sister's bag is Alex. Make sure you check her blog out here.

A huge thank you again to all that have supported, have sent cards, and most of all prayers, it all makes a difference!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Paper Trey Halloween Card

I have to make this post really quick, a million things to do today. I just wanted to get a new something up for today. This is a little shadow box card that I made with Paper Trey's halloween set. I wish I had more time to chat, but I gotta run.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cutter Kit Wavy Lines-Laura's Tutorial

So what is the best part about blogging-NEW FRIENDS!!! It's so amazing the friendships you can strike up from different parts of the country, and the world for that matter. So, I just very recently have discovered a new friend you sent me the nicest email, and suddenly we are typing back and forth. Well, Laura originally emailed me about my previous entry, the Catalog Copy, and sent me a picture of her card that was inspired by the same page. Well I mentioned in my email reply about using the cutter kit to make those great wavy lines, and she said "what, there is a tool for that?" Got me thinking, hmmm..., maybe that would make a great tutorial. Sometimes I think people know about all those little tricks and tools, especially with all the bloggers out there. So here's my tutorial about it, refresher for some, maybe news to others, hope you enjoy! Any type of paper will do, you just need the Cutter Kit from Stampin Up. You will be using the one with blade that has a picture of a scissors on it.
You flip the blade out just free hand roll it along your paper to make a wavy line. (Use a cutting mat>)
To add visual interest, tape a piece of coordinating paper behind it and then follow the same pattern along the edge about a quarter of an inch away.
The other pieces you cut off can be used as accent pieces as well.
Here's the finished card using the In the Spotlight Hostess set, a scallop punch, and the new snowflake punch. (Those punches, along with the 5 petal punch, coordinate perfectly with this set-Stampin' Up in so smart!) The words are from Everyday Flexible Phrases-it says winter time if you can't read it.
Happy Stamping! Laura this one was for you!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Catalog inspired

As I was dashing around looking for an idea for the Just Like You set for my last class, I decided to look at the catalog rather than Splitcoast (as that can just suck 2 hours out of you before you know it!) Well, I ended up being inspired by the very picture of this set on page 105. I simplified it quite a bit to suit a class setting, but still got them using embossing powder which is always fun! This is why everyone needs the catalog-A CONSTANT SOURCE OF INSPIRATION!

(Just an aside, I'd like to just say to all of us to not forget what today is-Sept. 11th. The world changed 6 years ago for all of us on that day. Much like our parents could say they knew where they were when Kennedy was shot, we are the generation that can say we know exactly where we were at that moment. It is amazing how time marches on and the world keep spinning, but we cannot forget this day ever. Our lives were never the same after this day. Today is a day that we are PROUD to be an American! God bless all, and continue to pray for all of those you suffer today from the hurt in their hearts.)

Saturday, September 8, 2007

What a "Fabulous" Card

It's kind of funny as I've been "blurfing", I've been noticing that everybody has their own "style". I've always thought that I didn't, but as I jump around it is very evident. Here's what I've noticed about my stamping. I think it's very clean and simple. When I jump around other sites, there seems to be this trend of more is better-lots of layers of paper, lots of brads, lots of stuff! I just don't seem to do that-I think maybe it's a time factor. My local demo friends would disagree, they accuse me of being putsy, but boy am I not compared to others. I think I'm always thinking about my customers and what they want to replicate. They always fuss (I mean that in the nicest way girls-you know who you are!!) about a card that is too involved. I'm not really sure why am rambling about this, just something I noticed lately.

Here's another card for my last card class. I don't know how the picture will translate, but the center petals have iridescent ice on them. I do love this set set, the big flower is FABULOUS. I really like the Groovy Guava with the Cocoa paper to. Have a good Sunday all.

Altered Dibbs container

Wondering were I have been? Me too!!! I thought getting the kids off to school this week would help, but my house needed some much needed attention from me. So nice to have the boys gone and accomplish some much needed cleaning.
So on to stamping. I made this container a few weeks ago. No stamping involved here at all. The flowers are just punched pieces using the scallop punch, layered with pieces from the Build a Flower kit. I still had my colored wire that Stampin' retired a couple of years ago to make the stems with. The container is just an empty Dibbs container that I covered with the Dashing paper. The inside is filled with some sand and a few rocks on the top. Kind of a fun, simple project. Have a great day!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Hi bloggers!!! Well I have something else for you to win!!! This has a slight catch however and it all has to do with donating to a worthwhile cause!!!
As many of you know, if you visit here regularly, my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in June at the age of 41. She has undergone surgery and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. In honor of her, I will be walking in a 10 mile breast cancer walk called Join the Journey on September 16th. Here is where you come in!!! I am asking for donations for my walk, in return, I will be giving away this custom made purse that my sister makes. Here's the scoop:1)Donations can be made in any amount
2)Click here to go directly to the Join the Journey donation page-you can make a donation via credit card, or Paypal. (I would take a personal check if you really wanted to do that, but I would prefer you go directly to the site, but of course if you want to donate by check you can email me@ KATANDNICK@JUNO.COM)
3)After donating, please send an email to: and tell them you have donated for me: Kathy Jarosinski
4)Please then leave me a comment on this post letting me know you donated. Please leave me your blog site as well as I will make a post on the 16th giving credit to all those that donated.PLEASE DO NOT POST IF YOU DO NOT DONATE!

I know that is quite a few steps, but the money raised goes directly to LOCAL breast cancer research!!!!!! I will pick a winner on Sunday Sept. 16th. Please feel free to link me on your blogs if you think your readers would help!!! Thank you so much!!!! Greatly appreciated!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Hey gals!!!!!! Well I am finally back, what a whacky week! Thanks for being patient about who the blog candy winner is:



Here is her comment:

Wife2TJ said...
First off, I absolutely LOVE your blog!!! I check it daily.

For my fav post I LOVE techniques and new ideas. I LOVE the tutorial on how to take the scalloped punch and make the flower out of it...genious!!!

Keep up the amazing work and I love checking in daily with ya!!!

Thanks for sharing such awesome blog candy with us, even if I don't win, you totally Rock!!!

August 29, 2007 8:37 PM

Email me at with your address!!!

So thanks for playing! New stuff coming at you tomorrow!!!!!