Thursday, May 3, 2007

I promise to stamp!

Okay, I promise you that right after I type this I will go upstairs and stamp something for a post later today, but I had to take care of a few things.
First, I own 51 of the retiring stamp sets and 4 wheels. I would think that sounds really sick except I know my upline owns something like 130, so I feel better now.
Second, if anyone was curious, the new puppy is named Ozzie. So now we have Quincy and Ozzie.
Last I was tagged by Audra which means I have to tell you some fun facts about myself and then "tag" other bloggers.

1. I've been married just shy of 10 years, known my husband almost 15 years. I met him in college because my chemistry partner was "fatally attracted" to him (literally-like the bunny in the pot crazy!!!!) and I felt bad for the guy and warned him to keep an eye open!

2. Best summer of my life was spent working on a ranch in northern Minnesota. Makes up some of the best memories of life. I'm a darn good rider and love to barrel race.

3. I always wanted, and still want to own my own horse, but the financial life plan seems to always put the horse at the bottom of the list.

4. My biggest vice--OREO's--can't have them in my house. Aren't they like one of the worst foods ever because of what they are made out of??? Must be why they are so darn good.

5. My biggest life lesson so far--the power of girlfriends!!!! The last few years have taught me some harsh lessons in the need for the female bond. I love my friends dearly and don't know what I would do without out them. Wait, I do know what I would do without them--sit an a padded room eatting Oreo's!!!!

Okay know my favorite blogs that I think you need to visit:

1.Well, let's start with Audra, she's the one who tagged me, and the deserves a little love back. Plus I really enjoyed visiting her.

2.It seems a little ridiculous to put up, but if you haven't visited Beate yet you have to!!! She's like the Yoda of stamping.

3. Allisonis one amazing woman with all the amazing info she puts up on her blog. I can't believe she has a "real" life too.

4. If you are looking for a layout ideas don't miss Amy Westerman's blog on Sunday's. See puts up a Super Sketch idea each Sunday and they can give you great inspiration when you are stuck.

5. Last, check out Amy Celonaif you are looking for project ideas. She makes some amazing things. Click over on the right of her site where it says Stampin' Blog. Great instructions too!!!

Okay, off to stamp!!! See you later!