Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hey everybody!

Well it will be interesting to see if there is anyone still out there reading this thing, but thought I should give you an update.

No nothing is wrong. I just decided to take a month off. I walked away from my stamp room, blurfing, updating, picture taking, the whole shabang. I had become oddly consumed with trying to make the next great thing, and blurfing and looking at all the amazing things that everyone else made, and got a little consumed. So I put myself on a self imposed time out and took a break. And it's been kind of nice.

But I'll be coming back soon. And the blog will get a new look. And I think it might get a little more personal with some stamping still thrown in, we'll have to see.

I just wanted you to all know, if anyone is interested, that I'm fine.

Take care all!!!