Thursday, July 24, 2008

Unfrogettable Spinner Card-Video

Okay so this was supposed to be a part of the other post, but I don't always understand Blogger and it kept processing and processing. So here it is in it's own little post. Keep in mind: I AM NOT STEVEN SPIELBERG!
This is what your little spinner frog should do:

An UNFROGETABLE spinner card tutorial!

Okay, I'm feeling like I'm back in action. Just in case you've never made a spinner card before, I thought I'd share a step by step tutorial on making one. And trust me, it's going to be UNFROGETABLE (somebody please stop me!). I'm VERY sad that SU! is retiring Unfrogetable. It's one of my favorites. And the funny thing is, it's not my typical type of stamping. I usually am not drawn to the cartoony type of stamps but I have used this one a lot. I think it might be because I have 2 boys and the frogs were easy to work with. Anyway, this card's origin starts with my great upline Kristin, quite a while ago. But it's an oldie but a goodie. I started with a piece of paper that had been cut down to 5 1/4" x 4" to accommodate being back layered later on. Start by taking your window punch and pushing it all the way in and leaving about 3/4" on the edge. Punch once. Now you will move the window punch over and overlapping your previous punch. Punch again. Now you will move it over one more time, leaving approximately 3/4" on the other edge of the card. There is no exact measurement that looks right, whatever you think is fine. Here is what your completed gutter should look like. Now I stamped over the gutter with the flowers from this set. Then I added the dragonfly and the "Hoppy Birthday". Now I lightly sponged with Bashful Blue around those images to make it look like a nice blue sky. This is what it looks like completed and colored. Now I took a piece of Certainly Celery and got out my new Scallop Edge Punch (coming in the new catalog-RUN to your demo and get one!)and punch a scalloped edge along one side. (Sorry the photo isn't totally crisp) Next I used a sponge with Certainly Celery to add texture to that piece, make it look a little more grass like. Next is coloring and cutting out two of the jumping frogs. Turn your frogs over and adhere a stamping dimensional to the center of their body. (Again, sorry for the photo, it looked good on my little screen but then on the computer I can see the quality isn't so great, but you get the idea) Now you place a penny over that dimensional and place another dimensional on top of the penny. Now you sneak that penny right into the gutter-it fits just perfectly. Now add another penny over the top of that dimensional to look like this. Last step is to add your other frog over the top. Here is your completed card. I added a 5 1/2"x 4 1/4" piece of Bashful Blue as a back layer. Now tip your card side to side and your little froggy should spin.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So, as I mentioned before, I took 195 pictures on our vacation to Myrtle Beach 2 weeks ago. I already made my Shutterfly hard cover book of the vacation and got it today. YEAH! So that leaves me time to "play" with some of the pictures.

I have the best of intentions of scrapbooking, but I get a little overwhelmed to be honest. I'm better with smaller projects. So here's what will get to adorn my shelf in my craft room to remember the trip. It's a cute little wooden photocube.
My brother in law is a woodworker and made some cubes out of scrap wood for me. I started by covering them with some retired SU! paper that I cannot remember for the life of me that name of it. I think it was "weathered"-maybe. It was all these photographic pieces of like antique doors and plaques.

This is my oldest, Joe. Growing up to fast...but that's another story. I wrapped it with linen thread, and see those little shells, I picked them off the beach in S.C. and nature made a handy little hole in each one for me to put my thread through.

This is my second, Alec. His very first wave in Myrtle-how do I know-look the hair is dry. He's about to get pounded by a wave. It's hard to see in the photo, but if you look at the lower left of the picture there is a shell adhered with Crystal Effects to the corner of that photo. IRL it's really easy to see.

Here's Joe heading back to catch a wave. Have I ever said that I love rub on's. Well I'll make it official "I LOVE RUB ONS". The little saying is a part of the "A Perfect Day" rub on kit from SU! out of the summer mini. Made the perfect little addition on the side of his picture.

Here's Alec heading back out for a wave. Just some more linen thread wrapped around there to add a little something.

Here's a picture of the top of the cube. Again using the "A Perfect Day" rub ons, and more shells from sunny Myrtle Beach. I adhered them with Crystal Effects.

I had to show you the shells close up, because I LOVE that little pointy shell in the middle. Of all the shells we brought home, it was my favorite. A perfect little work of God's vast art. Loved it!

Yippee!!!! A completed stamping project!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

My Mom

I love my mom. She's 70, HIGH energy, and go, go, go.

Okay I admit it, she drives me crazy too, but well....she's my mother...that's just how it is.

But, she and I have been working on a little project. Over at Shutterfly, you can make your own picture books for $29.99. I'm sure you can probably do this a bunch of other places, like Kodak and Snapfish, but I'm a Shutterfly girl. Mostly because I can upload my digital pictures to there site and have them printed off, and go pick them up at my local Target after an hour!!! Anyway, my mom and I have been going through all her old photos to make a book about her family. All people I never knew. Her dad died when she was 16 and her mother when my oldest brother was 3. So it's been so fun to go through all of her old pictures and learn about her family and her childhood.

But there is one picture of my mother that I love. And that's hard because she has all these great photographs that are vintage 1950's. You know, great little dresses with heels and perfectly done hair.

But this is my favorite:

I just love this picture. I think she's 19 and in Hawaii with her sister. I don't know what it is. It's something about the youthfulness she's exuding, and that great big smile.

And well, she and I look at lot alike. At that's pretty much what I looked like at 19, except I was riding horses and working on a ranch instead of taking a trip to Hawaii.

Aloha Momma!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Okay, I'm done saying that I'm back. I'm still planning on being better about the blogging, but seriously, how do people do this every day? I was so good in the beginning...but life is really busy with the kids home for the summer and feeling like a taxi cab driver. And we just got back from a week in Myrtle Beach, and trying to get back into normal life and tell my brain that it isn't on vacation anymore, brain likes vacation.

Vast nothingness..........and ocean waves...........ahhhhh...........

Oh wait...I have 17 loads of laundry, a garden that needs a little love, a weeks worth of mail to go through, 8 newspapers, Stampin' Up order to place, Stampin' Up website to read, good Lord-new stuff at Paper Trey, 221 vacation photos to upload and or print.........and then there is more poor little neglected stamp room and my blog.

Well, I'm going to try people, I'm really going to try. I'm putting the blog at the top of my list. Who cares if my kids don't have clean underwear....I'm all about the blogging..........well it sounds good anyway.

Here's the best I can do for today. We made this card at my last card class. The flower images are from Stampin' Up's Heartfelt thanks, and the words are from SU!'s Full of Life set. And well, I made it a month ago and I think I got the idea from somewhere, except brain has been on vacation and I don't remember. So I'm sorry if you made a card like this on your blog and I copied it....I had every intention of crediteding someone........but I went to the ocean and lost all of that information.