Thursday, August 30, 2007

Finally some chipboard!

WOW, let me first say-you LOVE blog candy. I was overwhelmed with all the sweet comments you guys left!!!! TOTALLY AMAZING-best email morning ever!!!!! I just wanted to get something up quick today. I stayed at the hospital until 4 in the morning (I started at 3pm) and now I have to get ready for a 10/10/10 card class. AHHHHHHH!!!!!
So here is another of today's cards. I have to say this was my first ever attempt at chipboard on a card. For all the creative things I do I've been intimidated by the chipboard-bought a ton of it and there is sits. I've used it plenty for tracing letters on paper or covering some piece with paper, but FINALLY I colored. This was another thing I picked up at convention. Just using the sponge daubers with craft ink pads to color them. It covers really nicely and dries quite quickly. I'm sure those of you that use chipboard are laughing, but kind of a "duh" moment for me. Just FYI, I am always inspired by looking through the Stampin' Up catalog over and over again. If your interested, this layout was inspired by the card on page 122-just my spin on it.

Smiles all!!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

10,000 Hit Blog Candy!!!

10,000 Hit blog candy!!!!!!SORRY!!!! I didn't get this up yesterday-there are just not enough hours in my day to accomplish everything!!!! Well here it is-the lucky winner will get an unmounted Flaky Friends stamp set and 10 textured note cards with envelopes!

Here's your requirements:
Leave me a comment saying what your favorite post from my blog is. If you haven't been here before, take a look back and see what you like. Then leave me a comment.

I'm leaving this open until Monday evening (the 3rd) as I have a card class tomorrow and then we are leaving for the holiday weekend (Labor Day here in the states-us Yanks and our holidays). Amazingly enough, it's a friday off for me, my weekend off, and my holiday off-that doesn't happen very often for a nurse!!!!

Sincere THANKS to all of you that visit on a regular basis-I appreciate it!!!!


Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Today is the day-10,000 hits. I'm pretty proud of that, I'm no Beate, but 10,1000 works for me!!! Look later today for something special to celebrate!

Here's another one of the cards we will be making Thursday at card class. I love the little All In the Family set. I've made some really cute things with it. I thought she was appropriate for today.

Hope you all "giggle" at least once today!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Cute Little Hedgehog!

I love this little hedgehog image-He's SO CUTE!!! I'm preparing this week for my upcoming card class on Thursday. This is one of the cards those coming will get to make. The card base is Soft Sky with the same double stitched ribbon and Fall Flowers designer papers, the little hedgie is from Fun and Fast Notes. little counter over there says I'm getting close to 10,000 hits...I smell blog candy coming up don't you????
Happy Monday All!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Candy Jar

I made this jar for a demo at our last weeks stamp camp. I was demoing the Labelicious stamp set. These little jars are a $1 at Micheals and they are the perfect thing for this stamp set. This truly a project ANYONE could do. One ink pad, a marker, a jar, and some ribbon. It kind of cracks me up though, it says "From the Kitchen of Kat" and the only thing I had to put in the jar was some Whoppers-just whipped them up from scratch.
Anyway, it's not a very exciting project, but very easily demo'd to show people how to make quick, cute, homemade treats for the upcoming holiday seasons!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Salty Eyes Clipboard

One of my favorite new items in the catalog is the great clipboads that we have for sale. I finally got two of them and got to play with them. I used this great picture of my 8 year old, Joey, from when we went to Florida. His eyelashes are so long that the salt from the ocean collected on them and his cheeks. My journaling just makes reference to that. All I did was cut down a piece of the Brocade Background paper to 9x9. I cut a notch out of the top of it so my paper would fit in. I mounted the picture and then covered a circular piece of chipboard with more paper and sanded the edges. I wrote my journaling on there. I finished it by using a piece of paper and adding one of the By Definition stamp sayings. The paper is simply clipped so when I want to change it I can and then I will just turn this into a 12x12 scrapbooking page. Really a simple project.
This is just an up close of the the By Definition saying!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Cute Candy Cups

Well, appears that we just cannot catch a break here in Minnesota. We had anywhere from 8-17 inches of rain here depending on where you live in Southeast Minnesota. We had about 12 in our rain gauge. We are fortunate to live on the edge of the city on flat ground. Our sump pump kicked on for the first time in the four years since we built our house and it hasn't stopped running since Sunday morning. We lost power yesterday morning and I did my makeup by candlelight at 5:30 am before I had to head to work. I had to finish my hair at work. People lost their lives in this flooding, homes are gone, businesses wreaked, it's all very tragic and of course hits home when you are close to it.
So moving on to happy stuff, which stamping always seems to be for me. This is a project that we got to see at convention and I just LOVED the endless possibilities of these little candy holders depending on the season. I wish I had some of the great Halloween paper to make with these, but it's on my way to my house in the next week. I used the Flowers for You paper to make them.Start off with a piece of 6x6 paper. If you bought the Palette O Prints paper promotion in May, these would be perfect!!! You then cut the corner off one side. At convention she actually used her circle punch to cut out the corner, but I didn't remember that until I went back and read my notes on the project after I was done. (So typical me, read the directions after it's done to see if I did it right.)
You will then put adhesive, or even better, Sticky Strip on the right edge and roll the cup together and adhere so that it will look like this.
Now you can embellish as desired. This set could be little candy cups for a girl's birthday party. The Labelicious stamp set is the PERFECT set to coordinate with this project. Endless possibilities. Halloween, Christmas, Birthday, Easter, and more!!!!!
Here is one of the more embellished ones close up.

Have fun making them!!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Update on my sister

Hi ladies. A number of you have asked lately about how my sister is doing, and I wanted to wait to post something until I had all of the answers. She did have a successful lumpectomy a few weeks back, followed with meetings with Oncology at the Mayo Clinic, an in depth disection of her tumor to help decide her risk for reoccurance, and then finally a decision to do chemotherapy. We do have quite a high risk running in our family, my mother is a breast cancer survivor, her sister died of what started as breast cancer, and her mother died of uterine cancer. Don't worry, I'm already prepared for my own road.
Anyway, chemotherapy will begin tomorrow 8-16-07 at 1pm, so send out some positive juju her direction tomorrow. It's been a very trying month on everyone, and the next 12 weeks will bring a lot of trials, the toughest being the loss of her hair, but hopefully those 12 weeks give her the rest of her life back.
I love her very much, and just want her to be well again. I can't thank you all enough for all the great cards you sent her when she was first diagnosed. If you feel up to sending some again the cheer her up in the next 3 months, here is her address again:
Karen Jeanson
215 21st St. SE
Rochester, MN 55904

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Altered Breakfast Tray

So, here's another one of my "things to alter" projects. I bought this breakfast tray at Hobby Lobby. If your patient about wandering through Hobby Lobby you can find some really good deals. (I was a little disturbed walking in there however last week as they were putting up their Christmas displays. I wanted to turn around and walk out, but then figured my act of defiance probably wasn't going to change anything. Instead, I ended up spending $30 in there-what's wrong with me?) So, it is a really nicely constructed piece, not like the $3 ones in the unfinished wood isle. However, as you can see, it wasn't the prettiest thing I had ever seen, but I knew I could take care of that!!! But the price was right-originally $39.99, now $6.99.
I was able to quickly cover it with Stampin' Up Fall Flowers paper. I used Modge Podge to adhere it. I'm still debating whether to cover the top with modge podge to protect it, but I don't alway like the way it looks sometimes. I will show you later what the finished intention for project.
Here it is upright so that you the inside a little better.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Daily Planner

Do you buy stuff all the time that you have the intention of altering? I do all the time, or I'm constantly saving stuff that can be altered. So one of my new goals after coming back from convention reinspired is to do some of those projects. One of them was my new 2007-2008 planner. Just a cheap one from Target (my happiest place on earth).So here it is before.
And here it is after. Such a quick easy project. The paper and self adhesive die cuts are from the gorgeous Secret Garden Simply Scrappin' Kit. No stamping involved! It was a 10 minute project! Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

How to use a marker to emboss

Hi ladies. I wanted to share with you one of the "duh!!!" moments for me from convention. I love that as demo's we can continue learn from the company and in turn share with others. We got to go to this little break out session thing about 20 things to do with a marker, and I couldn't believe how many of the things were new to me. This was my favorite.Start by stamping your stamp in Versamark ink. The images that you will want for this technique are anything you would normally use a marker for direct to rubber. Flowers are perfect for this.
Your stamp should look like this, all shiny with versamark.
Now you will color over that with your marker like you normally would. I did find that your stamp should not be too slimy with versamark or it won't pick up the color too well.
Now you will turn and stamp. Then cover with clear embossing powder and heat set.
Here it is finished. Of course, it is more impressive IRL but if you've embossed before you'll get the idea! The tulip is from the Garden Whimsy set, papers are Old Olive, Real Red and Summer sun. (You'll notice in the picture above I was using an Orchid Opulence marker, but it look really yucky stamped so I switched to red, but didn't take a new picture.)
Thanks for stopping!!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Stuck on you!

Well, I really am still alive. I've had some really busy days since my return from convention. And let me tell you, the birthing business is in full gear right now. I can easy say I have no problem with job security!!
I do just want to take a minute to say something about the tragedy here in Minnesota. I live about 50 miles south of the Cites and I think this has hit home that could have been any one of us. We were on the bridge 3 weeks ago heading to a Twins game with the boys. I think you can't help but think about the what if factor of it all. I have 2 good friends that were on that bridge 20 minutes and 1 hour before the collapse. It reinforces that fact that we are all just a moment away for tragedy. I am sure that you are, but please continue keep my fellow Minnesotan's in your prayers as so will I.

Okay, back to light and fluffy. This is a card I took to convention and the last upload I can use before I have to make something new. (That's tomorrows goal!!!)

I love the Moose you set and thought the porcupine would look cute stuck to something-and I came up with this. What's funny about this is after I made it, I saw it somewhere else, splitcoast I think. Anyway. I'm hoping to get back to a Tuesday tutorial tomorrow. Thanks all!!!! I've missed my blogging family!!!