Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This may be disturbing to younger viewers and the elderly

It's hunting season in our neck of the woods.

A time for men and their sons to bond and commune with nature.

A time to kill a large animal with horns, and fill my freezer with meat I will never eat.

A time to explain yet again why there will never be a deer head mounted on the wall in my living room.

A time for my husband to grow out all his facial hair and look like the unabomber.

A time for clothing that only has camouflage or blaze orange in it.

A time for the male species to not shower for a week.

A time for me to be VERY glad he leaves to do this.

A time for me to send one of my camera's along and tell the men, "take some good pictures", and secretly hope they don't really come home with pictures of dead deer and gut piles.

A time for me to take the camera after they come home and load the pictures on my computer and find pictures like this:

And then I find something like this. Something that makes me cringe as the mother. Something that reconfirms that testosterone and dumb boy humor are not a good combination. Something that makes me feel like I am getting nowhere with these children.

Something that makes me think...."where the heck was your dad?????"

Something that confirms my sister in law is NOT on my side. And neither is my mother in law-cuz I hear her in the background too.

Something that makes me glad my brother in law knows nothing about my blog.

**I'm warning you, there is nothing pretty about this**
**If you have never been mooned, or you would find something like that offensive YOU SHOULD NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO**

I'm sorry, I'm really really sorry.

Seriously people I am trying to raise them better than this, but I cannot be blamed for their behavior when they are away from me.

And, yes...it cracked me up....but that's not the point!!!!


Kathynruss said...

One of my favorite cards involves the "Butt crack reveal"! Cute pic of your guys in their I-am-not-a-deer orange, bright, but cute.