Friday, September 19, 2008

Summer Love

Shhhh....don't tell.

I covertly took these pictures of my oldest this summer. See, he really liked the little neighbor girl that was here to spend the summer with her dad. See, it all started out normal.
You know, they didn't want anything to do with each other. Yuck, I mean, who wants to play with a girl. They only like Barbies and wearing dresses and watching Hanna Montana right?

And then...well,

Turns out that home girl here, is well, a little bit of tomboy. Likes to skateboard, play guitar hero, and knows a thing or two about sports.

And so would be a 9 year olds version of summer romance. You know, adamantly denying to little brother and the other neighbor kids that you like her, yet spending more time with her than them, and finding out that some girls are "cool".

(Ahhh....duh....your mother is one of the cool ones....just ask your dad----insert eye rolling from all the males in my house)

But as with all good summer romances, they must come to an end. Saying goodbye is tough, especially when you are 9. I mean do you SAY "goodbye", or "see ya next summer", or do you hug-------no way! No this is what you do:

you stand in your front yard, making weird postures that involve crossing and uncrossing your arms and making a large spread leg male stance that shows your uncomfortable with the whole situation. Meanwhile your mother hides in the office and takes pictures through the screened window to document it all and post it to the world. See how cool your mother is?

And finally a quick "see ya", and you say "see you next summer" and then find out that actually, she will be back a Christmas for a couple of weeks and maybe you all can go snowboarding together. "Sweet!"
(what to the kids say these days that means "sweet" or "cool"---maybe I'm not so cool.)

So would end the first of the summer romances. You know the kind the mother finds sweet and innocent, because there was no kissing and hugging, and making grandbabies that I don't need at 43.
Whoa.........the reality of being a labor and delivery nurse does occasionally slap me in the face and remind me what a summer romance can lead to.

And those of you with teenage sons, you just keep your yaps shut, I know whats going to happen all too soon, and personally I like the state of denial I am living in--it works for me!


You Betcha! said...

Oh, to be young again! NOT! Thanks so much for sharing this sweet story in pictures.

Anonymous said...

I see an opportunity for a young boy to make a kewl card for his summer buddy! Gotta keep in touch!

Arcticstamper said...

Thanks for sharing, I enjoy your blog! What a sweet story. My only son is turning 12 in a few days. I can't believe how time flies! Just yesterday he was so tiny and cuddly.

Christy said...

Saw you follow Pioneer Woman and I loved your answer you gave about your favorite actress. It was pretty funny when you said "completely respect that you saw her first" so I stopped by to check out your blog. You are funny and a good writer just as I suspected. Thanks for letting me stop in. What a pretty layout you have here!