Wednesday, September 17, 2008 do they do this?

In case you are just tuning in...I'm the mother of 2 boys. 2 VERY active, somewhat stinky boys, that are magnets for dirt. Not like the playing in mud puddles dirt.

Like outside sand and dirt.

There is some sort of molecular pull that brings the dirt to them.

Let me show what I mean.
Exhibit A: Son # 2's socks:

Now one might believe this child was outside for like 24 hours without shoes on, running across muddy fields. But no, this child was outside for a day playing, in shoes, not running through mud.

People...this is my life. Socks that have to immediately be taken off before entering my house. I have a bucket in my laundry room known as the "dirty sock bucket", (I came up with that clever name.) And every 3-4 days a cycle starts that involves soaking overnight in Oxyclean (the best product ever made!), and then HOT water and bleach in the washing machine.

Inventors of the world, I'm calling out to you!

Hello, do you hear me?

Someone, not me, needs to make disposable socks for boys. Something that holds up during the day and then disintegrate upon coming into my house in the evening.

Could you please work on that? I'll be a test marketer for you!

I'm off to clean some socks, aren't you jealous?


Beth said...

LOL That was absolutely the funniest. I have 4 boys and I feel your pain. I just left the kitchen where one so called offspring was telling of his near fatal accident while skateboarding in his GOOD clothes. Ahhhhh I guess it's better than PMS and prom dresses! :) Thanks for the laugh, good luck with the socks!


Dawn said...

Okay, how did you get into my house and steal my boys socks??/

ROFL, I have three and let me just say, those need holes, and then they will be my boys!