Monday, September 15, 2008

Scrapfest '08 Baby!

Last Friday I was able to attend my first ever Scrapfest, and it was a totally bitchin' time.

Okay....wait....I'm laughing so hard I might pee a little.

First of all Scrapfest-you know like saying "Summerfest, or Countryfest, or Octoberfest"....but Scrapfest...come on, it just sounds funny.

All right, for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, which I'm sure there are many, Scrapfest is this insanely large event held at the Mall of America by Archivers that involves buying a badge for $12 and being able to do a bunch of make and takes, and you could also sign up for classes with different companies and famous scrapping people and make stuff.

So let me tell you right now, I had no idea how out of my league this event would be. Two of my girl friends and I headed up to Minneapolis on Thursday, ate, drank, had some fun, talked about everything under the sun, tucked ourselves in bed and got up on Friday morning to head to the Mall of America.

Okay, seriously, I'm not sure I can even describe the insanity that we would witness in the next 7 hours. 27 make and take stations set up on the main level on the Mall of America. So we hopped in the first line we saw, and proceeded to stand in line for the next 40 MINUTES! Okay, this event makes Disneyworld look like a piece of cake.

And, the people that attend it...well...there are some very serious scrapbookers out there. We are talking matching t-shirts, hauling there own scrap tote things that double as a seat to sit on in line, and all they talk about is scrapbooking for HOURS on end. And that's fine...that's their thing....but wowsa....I was out of my league let me tell you! They know every product, who made it, who runs the company, when the next line is coming name it, they know it.

So, in 5 hours, we made 4 make and takes. Seriously, 5 freakin' hours, 4 make and takes. Finally we looked at each other and said screw this, and we went upstairs to the Mexican Restaurant, ate chips and salsa and drank some margaritas, and then we shopped.

So let me show you my rewards for standing in line.

First up, would be my favorite:

From a company called Bazzill. Now if you are a serious scrapbooker you will probably know all these names. But remember, I'm a Stampin' Up demonstrator that mostly makes cards...this is not in my little realm. Anyway, I have checked out their website...super cute ideas for you scrapbookers. (Betsy, I'm talking to you, so much inspiration there for you!)

Okay, the next one is this one. This is the first line that we stood in...our welcome to Scrapfest.

A company called Me and My Big Ideas (MAMBI-for those of you "in the know".) Very cute little page. Here's their website. (Betsy, check their gallery out too!)

Okay, here's the shortest line I had.

Only half an hour for this baby. From My Mind's Eye, a company I had actually heard of.

And lastly this one.

From Hero Arts. Thankfully another company I know, a little more in the stamping world.

And there you have it, 5 hours, four projects, and some good time with friends. Scrapfest ' was something to behold.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a scrapper, either, but crowds like that are just not my thing. Been to MOA one Christmas season and that was enough! Fill it full of scrappers and it must have rocked! TYFS

Paula said...

Looks like you di get to make some cool things! I probably will never get to go to Scrapfest, so it was fun to read your comments and see the M&t's. Love your wedding photos from yesterday, Happy Anniversary.