Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall in Minnesota

One of the best parts of Midwest living is the amazing change is season that we are able to have. And I LOVE the fall.
Nothing beats the amazing color change that you get, the smell of the leaves, the sound of the leaves crunching underneath your feet. And the great fall harvest that you get.
Apples would be the best part in my opinion. And if you've never had a Honey Crisp, your life is not complete. I'm serious.
If you are an apple eater, they are the best. Hard, crunchy, sweet, and so very satisfying.
Saturday was our annual trip to an apple orchard to do some picking, eating, and wandering through corn mazes.

Just look:

These my friends are Honey Crisps. Yummy, yummy, yummy!

Wandering through the orchard you get to sample one or two, if your a hungry 9 year old who needs to be fed every 2 hours.

I'm starting to cherish pictures like this, because my little boys aren't so little anymore and pictures like this are getting harder and harder to capture.

And mister "I'm getting to cool for stuff like this" even went and stood in the corn for a picture. (Look at the child's hair--anyone want to sneak into my house and shave his head while he sleeps?)

And if could have only heard the discussion that occurred leading up to this picture.
"Hey guys, go put your head through the ghosts."
"Mom, come we have to?"
"But mom, it's stupid"
"You're so weird"
"Thank you"
Insert groaning...something I hear a lot.

(To be followed later with a discussion that went:
"Mom, your not going to do anything with that stupid ghost picture are you?"
"Like what?"
"Like print it off and show it to people, or put it on your blog or something?"
"Of course not"--my fingers were totally crossed, TOTALLY!)

And after enduring such things, at least they each got one of these at the end of the day!



Juliann said...

There is no better season for us midwesterners then fall!
Great pictures!
I am craving an taffy apple yummy!

Anonymous said...

I've had your blog on my faves for quite a while and have enjoyed your creations and your posts about your boys. I used to live with two of the scrungy things (my big brothers), but they grew up on me. My sister lives in Rochester and has been telling me for years about Honey Crisps and how the U of M has been making a mint off them. I whined so much, that she is sending me a box for my birthday! Sending her a link to your blog! Take care,

Mary in MN said...

You can find Honey Crisp apples at Target. My daughters in Kansas and Texas get them there. Target has headquarters in Minnesota, which is probably why they stock these awesome apples.