Monday, September 8, 2008


Tap, tap, tap.....

is this thing on?

Okay, it's Monday, a little gray here, only 50 degrees, I might be a little PMS-al, and a little self conscious.

Okay, that might be the dramatic side of me (I'm the last of 4-it comes quite naturally sometimes), but here's the thing:

I know you guys are reading this. I watch my little numbers over there climb. And well, I just need to feel the love today. I haven't be getting many comments lately, and that's okay, I like lurkers-heck I am a lurker on blogs-but today, because it's Monday and yucky out, I need to feel the love.

So lets go with a topic:

Let's revisit Saturday's post:

Who, other than your husbands, boyfriends, wives, just makes your socks go up and down? I mean who do you consider eye candy, hot stuff, "totally mint" (80's girls-there's a past from the past), hunky, hubba hubba, yummy sort of material.

In case you missed it, here's my vote:

That's me on the right.

Ha, ho, ha, ho,

I need to snap out of it. Where's a friend when you need her to smack you in the face?


Jackie said...

George Clooney and/or Sean Connery are at the top of my list. The very tip top of my list. Yep.

Laura W said...

Okay, it's true, I haven't commented for a LONG time -- but I use google reader, so I am still here. :)

My quick answer to this one used to be Matthew McConaughey. Not so much anymore, but he's still nice on the eyes. :)

InspiredByInk said...

Hi Kat, Yes, I AM a lurker... only bc I don't have enough time in the day to comment on each of the 70+ blogs I scan daily.

But I've decided that INSTEAD of getting the much needed rest and beauty sleep (lord knows i nEED it!) I would leave you a comment.

I rarely get comments on my blog so don't feel bad. But here I am commenting and I hope you feel better **sending hugst and chocolate!**

My favorite man is Keanu Reeves. My hubby knows of our 'relationship' and he's okay with that! hehehe Oh and I've ALWAYS had a thing for Mark Wahlberg. Esp. when he was part of the funky bunch! Just from his neck down to his waist... that's all I need heheh.

Take care and I hope you have a GREAT day!

Bobbie *Ü*

Anonymous said...

I was one of 2 yesterday! (Dawn posted twice.) Geeze, surely somebody besides me went into mourning with Mel's demise! He can't get around too well any more, since he shot both of his feet off!

Anonymous said...

I'm here too, often reading while on a conference call at work... This is embarrassing -- Toby Keith! :) Mary G

Anonymous said...

Well...I am really going to show my age here...but Sam Elliot does it for me:) I could listen to that man for hours, he has the sexiest voice I've ever heard:0 Ok, calm down 'ol girl or you might have a stroke!LOL My "love" affair with Sam began over 30 yrs. ago and yes DH knows of our relationship. Now I'm all twitterpated, I think I should go rest for awhile:) Anyone have any smelling salts??LOL Big hugs to you:)

Melissa said...

All I can say is OMG!! Tim totally does it for me! And Matthew McConohey (sp!