Monday, October 13, 2008

My boys have a new past time.

Writing their own comic books....and (without my knowledge)selling them to the neighbors....quite successfully might I add.

Little con artists got me to make a bunch of copies of it to sell to their "friends", and their "friends parents".

See, the 2 neighbor boys helped with some of the story line, so they were supposed to get copies. Little did I know, they decided to be little entrepreneurs and sell some of the copies door to door.

I'm not sure whether to be proud or totally embarrassed.

The main characters are a group of super hero's called "The Boxers Boys".

Gotta love superheros that save the world in their boxer shorts.

Anyway for your viewing pleasure, may I present:

"HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD?" (Ehhhhhhhh......Nooooooo.)

Yikes...the wedgenator. Makes my butt hurt just thinking about it.

Totally confused yet?
Good.....I never said any of it made any sense.

And Lord help us all,
this is the title of the next installment:

I'm currently taking orders for advanced autographed copies.


Anonymous said...

thats hillarious