Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Trails.....

Anybody miss me?

Wow, it was a busy week last week. And it had a theme:

Horses, horses, and more horses.

I've been fortunate enough to have been going on some amazing trail rides with some really great ladies in the last couple of weeks. Getting to see fall in Minnesota on horseback has been AMAZING.
I thought I'd share with you some of the snapshots I've been able to grab.

They pale in comparison to the real thing, but it will give you a little taste of what I've been seeing.

Here's our group. I'm the second from the left, you can barely see me peeking around back there.
This was a gorgeous stop at the top of one of the trails in the middle of a pine forest. Look at all way the needles that have fallen blanket this part of the trail.

When you look up doing this part of the trail, this is what you will see. Amazing how pine needles can be so beautiful.

We are just past the peak of the season for fall color here. Truly magnificent array of yellows, oranges, and red.

This is a sight that just makes you take a deep breath and drink it in. It is quite a hike up to this point. If you are not fond of heights this is not the trail ride for you. Part of what makes Minnesota great this time of year is the harvesting of the fields because they add a whole extra dimension of color and texture.

If you look way over on the left side of this picture, see those little spots. Those are our trailers. Yeah, we are way the heck up there.

Time to take one last look because you know what? What goes up must come down. And when it has rained 2 days before this the trail gets rather muddy. Which means you get to dismount and walk, slide, sludge, your way down the trail with a 1200 pound animal walking, sliding, sludging her way down the GIANT hill.

I have more to share in the coming days. Happy Monday all.


Kathynruss said...

Loved getting caught up on your horse pics and your gorgeous trail ride and your boys' entrepeneurial spirit (heck if I know that is spelled right or wrong!). Was actually cool here last night in Central FL. Temp got into the 50's! Woo hooo!