Friday, February 29, 2008

Live Your Dream

Do you ever try to stretch yourself creatively? I try to step out of what I think is my "box" from time to time, and todays post is a perfect example. This gorgeous Live Your Dream set in the SU! occations mini, customers can start buying from it tomorrow!!! Well, what to do with this's very elegant looking. Habit would say that you would color the flowers, stems, etc. Well, I went way out of my conventional thinking. Okay, I'm a little embrassed to admit what inspired this card. I am a bit of a QVC fan, and yesterday I was watching a swimsuit show and I saw this very cute swim dress that was all done in black and white and viola-inspiration.
So anyway, I really am not sure what to think of it. I think I like it, simple, elegant, clean. It's just so diffent to do black and white. I like the little pop of red. Anyway, I'm in a swap, so those of you in it, here it is guys, your Live Your Dream sample. Stamp Camp tomorrow, so it's a busy day of finishing everything for that!
Thanks girls!

Quick edit, I tried this the first time with no luck getting you to the right link, if you would like to see the swimsuit, click HERE.


Flossie's Follies said...

Love your pop of color also, this card is so elegant, love the sentiment.

Juliann said...

This is really very pretty! I just love it, honestly!
I think that when you can take a white card and make it look pretty without a lot of layers that is a challenge!
So pretty Kat great job!