Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I really am alive!

It's true, I really am still alive. It's amazing how some weeks are just more condusive to investing time into stamping and posting and some weeks it just doesn't work. But I have great news-I have joined the millenium!!! To those of you that are computer savvy-check this out-I just got DSL. Do you have any idea what that means????? It means the cobwebs can stop growing on me and my computer when I post to the blog. You have NO IDEA how much time it would take me to post something, especially a tutorial. I can't even believe how much time this will save me. I can't believe we went this long without it. As I previously have mentioned, DH, not a techy guy at ALL. Can check his email (once a week) and that's about it. Somehow I let his low tech life influence mine and I was just a step above snail mail. I have no idea why I didn't do this sooner. Do you know that I have never been to YOU TUBE until this last week? My dial up couldn't buffer it in. Anyway, a whole new world has opened up for me!
I did want to get something posted though. I made this adorable 5 in 1 template box (a splitcoast tutorial) using Paper Trey's Beautiful Blooms and Mixed Messages sets. I have to give credit for the flower to a customer of my upline. She made a card using the 5 petal punch with the petals folded up. I have to get her name again and give here the proper credit. Doesn't it just make the cutest accent?
The center of the flower is a metal self stick dot from the dollar bin at JoANN Fabrics.
I made another box that I will try to post tomorrow.
Here's the Recipe:
Paper: Bravo Burgundy, Very Vanilla
Ink: Bravo Burgundy, Almost Artichoke, Apricot Appeal
Accessories: Apricot Ribbon, 5 petal punch, small flower from Boho Blossoms punch, metal dot from JoAnn Fabrics
Technique: 5 in 1 template box from Splitcoast tutorial


Beth said...

Doodles and Dragonflies. I absolutely love that name! Just had to say that! Have a great day!

Sara said...

WOW!! YOU are alive! Good to see you back :) Hope everything is going good. Congrats on the DSL! You'll never go back!
Cute box!

Flossie's Follies said...

Glad to have your back, miss your wonderful creations. Congratulations on your DSL, I took the plunge about a year ago, no more dial up for me.

Hulda said...

Congratulations on your DSL!!! I'm still trying to get my DH to change ours to DSL, he uses the internet a lot but doesn't seem to mind the dial-up while I can barely read my emails because of it :(
Love you choice of colors on the box!!!!

Ila said...

What a Gorgeous Box!!..I'm glad to see you back...I look forward to your updates!!

Alexandra said...

Gorgeous box Kat!! Really really pretty and that flower IS fantastic! Glad to hear you are on DSL, it will make a HUGE difference for ya! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Beckie said...

Love the box, its beautiful. i love your whole blog lol. I am only new to the blog world and I am discovering lots of beautiful places to visit.

Sara said...

You've been tagged!

Corie said...

This box is just so GORGEOUS