Monday, February 4, 2008

It's my Itty Bitty Basket Tutorial

Well, I've been working on a lot of projects lately, trying to come up with some ideas for the next stamp camp that we will hold the first weekend in March. I was inspired months ago by Cambria's adorable little Halloween treat baskets and in playing with it, low and behold I came up with my own pattern for a slightly different twist on her basket. So let's get to it! You will need:
1 6x6 piece of cardstock or two sided designer paper
1 strip of 1/2"x 7" piece for the handle
4 1 1/2"x2" designer paper piece (omit these of you are using 2 sided paper)
something to score with (still need that Scor-pal)
Scallop edge decorative scissors
Good cutting scissors
Start by scoring all the way around each edge at 2". There are numerous ways to score, my one cutter happens to have a scoring blade in it that makes it quick and easy.

Now go all the way around each side again and score at 1/2". (This is where my brain works in reverse and my paper is at the 5 1/2" mark, so that I get the 1/2" score mark)
You will know need to look at the paper to see the pieces that you are going to cut off. I trace with the pen what you will cut off.
After cutting, your paper should look like this.
Now on those little edges that you have popping up, you will use your decorative scissors to cut a scalloped edge. Using your other scissors you will cut in the cuts as shown in the picture.
If you are using cardstock you will adhere your designer paper as shown in the picture. If you are using two sided paper you will not need to do this step.
Now you will add adhesive to those little scalloped edges and fold them down. After this step you will add adhesive to the corner pieces, fold the sides up and assemble the box.
Your little box should look this this all folded together.

To complete the box you will add your handle piece with brads and fill. (I used Cambria's idea for the scallop punch on the mint patties.) With Easter coming, think of all the fun little eggs and such you could put in there!!!!!

If you used designer paper, your box will look something like this. With the two sided, you get the automatic advantage of the matching paper with the opposing side folded down.

Here it is finished in basket version. So sorry for the washed out photo, that's what happens when you walk away from a project and come back and take a picture in different light, and then are too lazy to take another one and upload it when you see how crappy it looks. I knew you'd get the idea. Have fun making your own "Itty Bitty Basket", and leave me a comment with a link to yours for all of us to see!!!!!!


Flossie's Follies said...

These baskets are too cute, thanks for the tutorial.

Alexandra said...

This is awesome Kat - I am making one of these tonight to see how I can adapt it for one of my classes! Thanks for sharing! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Maria said...

Wow, great basket. I love the papers that you used and you did a fabulous job on the tutorial. Thanks for sharing!!


Corie said...

These are GREAT -- thanks for the step-by-step!!!

JoanOttevanger said...

Hi Kat,
Love your basket i made one my self with your tutorial I use a 12 by 12 paper you can see him overhere