Friday, August 15, 2008

Raising Boys

So a big part of my journey through this world is being the mother of 2 boys. They are such interesting creatures that I've decided to make them a regular part of my blog.

Let me give a little taste of what we are talking about here.

Yesterday was my New Catalog Open House. So...
Everything is ready, house is cleaned, everything is in place. I am able to go upstairs, do a last check of the hair and makeup and my first guest arrives. Warmly greeted and bring her into the living room to show her around. As I make my way past my coffee table something catches the corner of my eye.

Yep, somewhere in the time that I went upstairs, one of them decided it was the perfect time to clip their toenails and LEAVE TOENAIL CLIPPINGS and the clippers sitting out amongst all of my visually beautiful displays.

Serioiusly, how do you discretely try to clean those up with out her noticing and then try to mention that she should have some of my homemade goodies before going?


I wish I would have had video camera of me pointing something out to her and quickly turning and sweeping them into my hand, dropping the clipper in my pocket and RUNNING to throw them away and wash my hands.

Classy, totally classy.


Sara said...

laughing my butt off here sister! Girls can be gross too :)

Dawn said...

This is tooo funny!! Having three boys and a dh, I can sooo relate, HOpe your party went well, inspite of the found "nasties"....LOL