Thursday, August 28, 2008


So first of all, I promise to get back to stamping soon, I promise! The kids go back to school in 5 days (Yippee!!!)and though I will be sad, I'm going to drown my sorrow in my stamping room, drinking in some of the new things I have to play with. Until then...let me tell you about what we got to do this last weekend.

We went to Northern Wisconsin to celebrate my husband's grandparents 69th wedding anniversary. That's right people...69 years...with the same guy...

this one
he's feisty, let me tell you!!!!!

He broke out the accordion for the occasion. It doesn't get much more Midwest all American than this folks. That accordion means the world to him. He can't read a single note of music, he's done it all by ear. And he's darn good too, especially if you like to polka.

See the younger of the two (the one of the right for those of you wondering), that's my oldest-he's named after the old guy on the left. He decided to enter the world 2 weeks early, and that just happened to be on Grandpa's 80th birthday. So we took the divine intervention hint and named the little squirt after him. Except he's really not such a little squirt anymore.
Moving on...Grandpa really wants his namesake to learn the accordion before he dies (he's 89)...and he decided that this day was the perfect day for him to learn.
It was really kind of sweet to watch. Grandpa, so very hard of hearing, that the folks in the next county could hear us yelling...I mean talking to him, trying to explain the accordion...and my boy patiently trying to do just what Grandpa asked. He really wanted to be jumping in the river with his cousins. But he sat there and listened, and tried to play. He's a good kid-90% of the time, and at least when it matters most.

Now, you really have no idea how funny this picture is. But it's darn funny, let's just leave it at that. Such good sports, while the younger folk make them hold dumb props.

And lastly, in all seriousness. You don't see this to often. 69 years, both alive and healthy, living in their own home, mentally intact, a lot of hearing loss, and some bad glaucoma, and a LOT of spunk. Personally I think she's a saint...he's a handful!!!!
Very proud to have married into this family...well not when I look at the picture before last...but I'm going to try to not think about that.