Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So, as I mentioned before, I took 195 pictures on our vacation to Myrtle Beach 2 weeks ago. I already made my Shutterfly hard cover book of the vacation and got it today. YEAH! So that leaves me time to "play" with some of the pictures.

I have the best of intentions of scrapbooking, but I get a little overwhelmed to be honest. I'm better with smaller projects. So here's what will get to adorn my shelf in my craft room to remember the trip. It's a cute little wooden photocube.
My brother in law is a woodworker and made some cubes out of scrap wood for me. I started by covering them with some retired SU! paper that I cannot remember for the life of me that name of it. I think it was "weathered"-maybe. It was all these photographic pieces of like antique doors and plaques.

This is my oldest, Joe. Growing up to fast...but that's another story. I wrapped it with linen thread, and see those little shells, I picked them off the beach in S.C. and nature made a handy little hole in each one for me to put my thread through.

This is my second, Alec. His very first wave in Myrtle-how do I know-look the hair is dry. He's about to get pounded by a wave. It's hard to see in the photo, but if you look at the lower left of the picture there is a shell adhered with Crystal Effects to the corner of that photo. IRL it's really easy to see.

Here's Joe heading back to catch a wave. Have I ever said that I love rub on's. Well I'll make it official "I LOVE RUB ONS". The little saying is a part of the "A Perfect Day" rub on kit from SU! out of the summer mini. Made the perfect little addition on the side of his picture.

Here's Alec heading back out for a wave. Just some more linen thread wrapped around there to add a little something.

Here's a picture of the top of the cube. Again using the "A Perfect Day" rub ons, and more shells from sunny Myrtle Beach. I adhered them with Crystal Effects.

I had to show you the shells close up, because I LOVE that little pointy shell in the middle. Of all the shells we brought home, it was my favorite. A perfect little work of God's vast art. Loved it!

Yippee!!!! A completed stamping project!!!


Juliann said...

This is really a great idea!!!!
Love the little shells on there too!

~Mad said...

I got so tickled reading your response to Pioneer Woman (whom we don't know) and her saga today about Nell, (a dog we don't know!)

Just proves that happy can come from sad.

Thanks for the laugh!
~Mad(elyn) in Alabama