Friday, July 18, 2008

My Mom

I love my mom. She's 70, HIGH energy, and go, go, go.

Okay I admit it, she drives me crazy too, but well....she's my mother...that's just how it is.

But, she and I have been working on a little project. Over at Shutterfly, you can make your own picture books for $29.99. I'm sure you can probably do this a bunch of other places, like Kodak and Snapfish, but I'm a Shutterfly girl. Mostly because I can upload my digital pictures to there site and have them printed off, and go pick them up at my local Target after an hour!!! Anyway, my mom and I have been going through all her old photos to make a book about her family. All people I never knew. Her dad died when she was 16 and her mother when my oldest brother was 3. So it's been so fun to go through all of her old pictures and learn about her family and her childhood.

But there is one picture of my mother that I love. And that's hard because she has all these great photographs that are vintage 1950's. You know, great little dresses with heels and perfectly done hair.

But this is my favorite:

I just love this picture. I think she's 19 and in Hawaii with her sister. I don't know what it is. It's something about the youthfulness she's exuding, and that great big smile.

And well, she and I look at lot alike. At that's pretty much what I looked like at 19, except I was riding horses and working on a ranch instead of taking a trip to Hawaii.

Aloha Momma!


Juliann said...

What a great picture of your mom!
I just love old pictures!
She looks so happy and beautiful!
Thanks for sharing that!