Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Hi bloggers!!! Well I have something else for you to win!!! This has a slight catch however and it all has to do with donating to a worthwhile cause!!!
As many of you know, if you visit here regularly, my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in June at the age of 41. She has undergone surgery and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. In honor of her, I will be walking in a 10 mile breast cancer walk called Join the Journey on September 16th. Here is where you come in!!! I am asking for donations for my walk, in return, I will be giving away this custom made purse that my sister makes. Here's the scoop:1)Donations can be made in any amount
2)Click here to go directly to the Join the Journey donation page-you can make a donation via credit card, or Paypal. (I would take a personal check if you really wanted to do that, but I would prefer you go directly to the site, but of course if you want to donate by check you can email me@ KATANDNICK@JUNO.COM)
3)After donating, please send an email to: and tell them you have donated for me: Kathy Jarosinski
4)Please then leave me a comment on this post letting me know you donated. Please leave me your blog site as well as I will make a post on the 16th giving credit to all those that donated.PLEASE DO NOT POST IF YOU DO NOT DONATE!

I know that is quite a few steps, but the money raised goes directly to LOCAL breast cancer research!!!!!! I will pick a winner on Sunday Sept. 16th. Please feel free to link me on your blogs if you think your readers would help!!! Thank you so much!!!! Greatly appreciated!!!


Flossie's Follies said...

Good luck with your walk, have been to the site, but having trouble paying, can you believe that. Will leave another comment once they decide they want my money.

Alexandra said...

Hi Kat, good luck with your walk. I left my donation via PayPal and put your name and blog name in the description - I hope I did this right! My prayers go out to your sister! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Anonymous said...

Kat! Congrats to you! You are an incredible woman, wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend!! Prayers for your sister and her family, and you as you do your walk next Saturday! I made my donation on the website today!!