Saturday, September 8, 2007

What a "Fabulous" Card

It's kind of funny as I've been "blurfing", I've been noticing that everybody has their own "style". I've always thought that I didn't, but as I jump around it is very evident. Here's what I've noticed about my stamping. I think it's very clean and simple. When I jump around other sites, there seems to be this trend of more is better-lots of layers of paper, lots of brads, lots of stuff! I just don't seem to do that-I think maybe it's a time factor. My local demo friends would disagree, they accuse me of being putsy, but boy am I not compared to others. I think I'm always thinking about my customers and what they want to replicate. They always fuss (I mean that in the nicest way girls-you know who you are!!) about a card that is too involved. I'm not really sure why am rambling about this, just something I noticed lately.

Here's another card for my last card class. I don't know how the picture will translate, but the center petals have iridescent ice on them. I do love this set set, the big flower is FABULOUS. I really like the Groovy Guava with the Cocoa paper to. Have a good Sunday all.


Juliann said...

Very pretty! I have such a hard time with using groovy guava but it really looks great with the cocoa! You are right everyone has there own style! I love it! That is what makes stamping so great, weather it is simple, decked out, or somewhere in between I am always so inspired...I so love "blurfing"! Have a great day Kat!

Flossie's Follies said...

Great card, I have all the embellishment and such and then never think to use any of them on my card, love the simple elegance of this card.

Gina K. said...

It is clean and simple and it totally rocks too!