Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Away in Coors Light Can

Well I'm trying to catch up on my life, and seriously I could write a new blog entry with photos every single day, it's just that whole time thing that seems to be a challenge.

Last Friday, my good demo friends Brenda and Kristen, and I had our holiday Stamp Camp.
No it's nothing like band camp....

Part of our stamp camps are a demonstration section, where we show our customers some trick or tip about stamping. This go around we decided to show everyone the rage of using Coors Light can to sharpen your punches and in return you get a punched out blue piece of tin.

But here's the funny (at least to me) part:
We rent a church hall for our event ant they were in full Christmas mode.
And little did we realize that when Brenda started her demo, she was standing in front of the manger with a Coors Light Can.

"And the wise woman brought gold, frankencence, and Coors Light for the baby Jesus."

But see Brenda didn't know how ironicly funny the whole thing looked. She did an amazing demo that impressed everyone.

She did a great step by step demo.

I think the one and all was impressed with her ability to turn a beer can into a card.

Good Job B.!!!


Kelli in Kentucky said...

Too funny!! I also did not know that pop/beer cans sharped punches thanks for the info. I really like your blog and yes I remember when you posted stamping projects but I still come back to read the very hilarous stories about your family. I always leave your blog with a smile on my face. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!!

Kathynruss said...

Looks like you found your cable! I had known that any aluminum can would sharpen punches, but the Coors Light and the Manger thing is too funny! Still having problems reading your print with the background you have. Yellow on pink especially. Check out my new blog!