Saturday, March 22, 2008

Totally Personal

Well, I have nothing to post today, no stamping has occured recently. Yesterday was the first full day of spring vacation for my kids and we took care of 2 of their friends that had no day care. I want to share with you what it is like to have four 7-9 year old boys in your house for an afternoon.

"Dude, like let's pretend were on American Idol"
"No, that's dumb, let's wrestle"
"No, dude, let's make it a singing competition and then you have to wrestle each other to win."

"Dude, we need wrestling names"
"Josh, your the Gas-a-nator"
"Alec, your the Cry-Baby"
"I wanna be the Killer Beast"
"I'm the BOOGIE MAN"

"Okay, okay, dude, this is how it's gonna go. You each have 2 minutes to come up with your song, and then we will announce you. AND...dude, before you go on stage you have to fart on command. Can you all fart on command?"

For the next half an hour I would listen to horrible singing, an incredible array of farting noises, followed by wrestling matches to determine a winner.

I do not understand them, I am a girl.

Protect you daughters that are these ages, some day one of these four boys could be knocking on your door to take them out.

I'm sorry ahead of time. I'm trying, but testosterone is an incredible force.


Katviper said...

I have two boys and I can relate to your story so much. I know boys are gross, but I tell you when I'm around a bunch of giggling girls that age, I want the gross boys back. Who won?

Donna said...

that is hilarious!!!

Alexandra said...

Hah! I totally laughed out loud when I read this, Kat!! I know exactly where you are coming from - I have two boys and a girl, and sometimes I just don't get the boys either! It DOES get better as they get older! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Kelli in Kentucky said...

Wow so funny!!! I needed a laugh!! Enjoy this age cause teenage years just make you go gray fast!!