Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tuesday How To Returns-Paper Beads

I don't even know how many months it has been since I've posted a How To, but here we go.
How to make paper beads!For supplies you will need a piece of designer paper (cardstock is to heavy, a ruler, a pencil, a bracelet (or wire and clasp if you are beader already), extra beads, and modge podge or similar adhesive. My bracelet is from Jo-Ann Fabrics, and my (CHEAP) beads are from Micheals. I am not a beader-a medium I have long resisted, so I bought cheap just to see how this would all turn out.
Your designer paper will need to be cut to 3" by 6". This will give you plenty of beads to finish your project.
Turn over to the side that you do NOT want to show. With pencil make lines at every one inch. Along one side, make tick marks and every 1/2 inch in between lines.
Now use your ruler to make triangles extending from the center 1/2" line to the opposing 1" mark.
You will now cut out those triangles so that they look like this.
On the side that will not show you will brush with modge podge, or I used a Martha Stewart adhesive that is that same sort of thing. I like it because it has it's own brush like a rubbber cement bottle.
Now at the far end you will start rolling it up like a cresent roll. The adhesive will squish out a bit and that ok, just use your finger to kind of smooth it all around the outside. This will make it stronger and finish it off better.
Your rolled "beads" should look like this. Leave them to dry (mine didn't take very long.)
Now you will string them on your bracelet alternating with the other beads to create a bracelet.
And here is your finished project. Could have potential for a little girls party, or something silly to make a downline meeting or something. Something fun and different.


Alexandra said...

Very creative kat - it turned out really pretty! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Flossie's Follies said...

these are great, what a wonderful project for children. Your bracelet is beautiful.

Melissa M. M. M. said...

Stunning! Thanks so much for the amazingly inspiring tutorial, :0) Mel

Debra E said...

Your bracelet turned out great!

I have a little tip to share: if you have trouble just rolling your beads freehand, you can roll them on a toothpick.