Friday, November 30, 2007

Stamp Camp projects

In my previous post I talked about my great stamp camp gathering and I wanted to make sure I shared the projects with you from that great day, so here you go:

First up is a cute little Christmas organizer using the Stampin' Up wrapping paper. There are many different variations on this same kind of idea, but this is a organizer version of it.
Here it is unfolded, with all the fun little pockets on the inside. It's cute all finished, but with my spending habits I would need one that is twice as big.
Next is one of the paper ornaments that are floating all over the blogging world. The dashing papers do make a gorgeous ornament. It's made by cutting a 12x12 piece in half so it is 6x12. Then cut into one inche strips so that you have 12 1 inch pieces. Layer, and punch holes at both ends and string ribbon through, tieing knots to pull it tight.
Here is an adorable little snowman card, again using the wrapping paper out of the Holiday mini.
Here is a cute little treat cup using the wintergreen paper. Amazing how many kissed these little 3oz. cups can hold!
And last but not least is my favorite of all our projects. This a a great little gift card holder using the 5 in 1 card template as a guide. The flap is held together using the cute little mini library clips, LOVE THAT!
Here is the inside of the card with slit punches on either side to put the gift card in.
Hmmm...maybe I should make this into a tutorial....anyone interested?

Have a good weekend, stay safe if you are in my part of the country...6-8 inches of snow headed my way with ice and rain too. YUCK! And I work all weekend, I may just be sleeping at the hospital! One of you Florida girl needs to tell me about how great it is there so I have something to think of!


Juliann said...

Great projects! TFS!!! Hope you don't get snowed in too bad!

Paula said...

Okay, the projects are awesome! I would love to go to a stamp camp like that!
I'm in Florida, with all that ice and snow and yuck coming your way, do you really want me to tell you how nice it is here?
::pssst::I was in the pool today.
enjoy snuggling in. I used to love to do that when I lived up north and we got bad weather.