Monday, August 20, 2007

Cute Candy Cups

Well, appears that we just cannot catch a break here in Minnesota. We had anywhere from 8-17 inches of rain here depending on where you live in Southeast Minnesota. We had about 12 in our rain gauge. We are fortunate to live on the edge of the city on flat ground. Our sump pump kicked on for the first time in the four years since we built our house and it hasn't stopped running since Sunday morning. We lost power yesterday morning and I did my makeup by candlelight at 5:30 am before I had to head to work. I had to finish my hair at work. People lost their lives in this flooding, homes are gone, businesses wreaked, it's all very tragic and of course hits home when you are close to it.
So moving on to happy stuff, which stamping always seems to be for me. This is a project that we got to see at convention and I just LOVED the endless possibilities of these little candy holders depending on the season. I wish I had some of the great Halloween paper to make with these, but it's on my way to my house in the next week. I used the Flowers for You paper to make them.Start off with a piece of 6x6 paper. If you bought the Palette O Prints paper promotion in May, these would be perfect!!! You then cut the corner off one side. At convention she actually used her circle punch to cut out the corner, but I didn't remember that until I went back and read my notes on the project after I was done. (So typical me, read the directions after it's done to see if I did it right.)
You will then put adhesive, or even better, Sticky Strip on the right edge and roll the cup together and adhere so that it will look like this.
Now you can embellish as desired. This set could be little candy cups for a girl's birthday party. The Labelicious stamp set is the PERFECT set to coordinate with this project. Endless possibilities. Halloween, Christmas, Birthday, Easter, and more!!!!!
Here is one of the more embellished ones close up.

Have fun making them!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh how cute. I can see these hanging on my Christmas Tree this December.

karen said...

Oh how cute. I can see these on my Christmas Tree this December.

Alexandra said...

those are cute and you are right - that pallete is perfect for these! Sorry to hear about the weather - we are keeping a close eye on the hurricanes here in FL!


Flossie's Follies said...

These are so cute, thanks for the tutorial, knew about the flooding in OK but did not realize it also impacted Minnesota. Hope everyone is well, know what flooding and loss of housing is like, been through a couple of hurricanes.

Amy said...

my heart goes out to all of you in S. MN! Keep your head up!


Monika/Buzsy said...

These are so cute and easy to make. TFS!

Corie said...

Oh these are so cute.

Anonymous said...

I have made these out of old calendar's. You can use them for May baskets or take them to a shut~in or someone in the hosp w/flowers in them...Gramma Dar