Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Hi ladies!!! I'm sitting in the internet cafe at convention, and let me tell you, this company NEVER ceases to amaze!!!!! Stampin' Up is AWESOME!!!! I am a little overstimulated to tell you the truth, but it is a big WOW!. I wanted to get these pictures up earlier of the bags my sister made for me and my friends to put our swaps in.
They are adorable aren't they? She is custom making them. If you would be interested in them, e mail me at katandnick@juno.com and I will pass you on to her. Take care, just a quick message, I can hardly wait to come home and make some of things I've learned here!!!!


~* Tracy *~ said...

Your little swap card bag is just the sweetest thing! You can tell your lovely sister her bag has an Aussie admirer :)

Valerie said...

that bag is AMAZING PLEASE direct me to your sister...my friends bday is coming up and that would be so cute to put little goodies into for her. My email address is hot_pinkpixie@yahoo.com. Thanks so much!