Wednesday, June 6, 2007

It's 7:15 at night and I am finally getting to my post for today. Wow, did I get used to my own little rountine when the kids were at school. We just need to find our summer rountine. They think that we should do every "summer" activity in one day: invite friends over, go biking, have a water fight, go to the pool, fly kites, blow bubbles, go fishing, go camping........STOP-I'M OVERSTIMULATED!!!!!!
(Big sigh) Back to stamping. I made this ladybug out of circle punch. Her wings are a piece of Au Chocolate brayered in red. Her antenni (?) are 1/8 strips of red cardstock rolled around a small pen.
See you tomorrow!


Kristine said...

Awe...soo cute!! Love this little lady :)