Saturday, March 31, 2007

It's gray rainy and totally yucky outside here today, but NOT INSIDE! It's coaster basket class today! Some of my nicest customers are coming today to learn how to make these baskets. The bunny is made out of Stampin' Ups punches. Circle punches and ovals for the ears. These little bunnies have been "poppin'" up everywhere, aren't they cute?

The second one is made out of the Au Chocolate paper. I have to say that I wasn't totally impressed with this paper in the catalog, but WOW is it fun in person. It really beautiful! I just added a front to it with little flower from the Little Pieces set punched out and layered in a circle.


Anonymous said...

These are so cute, Kat -- I, as normal, bought Easter candy, stashed it away, forgot about it, and bought more -- only to find the first batch when I went to stash the 2nd batch. Tomorrow, there will be 5 of us for Easter dinner, so I'll try my hand at making 5 little Easter bags, and fill them with candy for each place-setting. Wish I could have come to take your class, but I had other commitments. Hhmmm -- guess it's time for me to get a google/blogger identity - for now I'll have to post anonymously.