Sunday, December 28, 2008

Trying to catch up

Before I start in with catching up to Christmas and such I figured I better back up because I've taken a couple hundred pictures in the last month. So I'm gonna back up to Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving this year was spent at my cousins house. They moved here from Colorado and wanted to host this year. The boys were very excited to see that in the front yard they found a zip line attached to some trees. And somehow my 70 year old mother took a bet to do it herself.

I love that about her!!!!

Hopped right on and went a flyin'. These are kind of priceless memories right here, what great facial expressions.

And then my sister hopped on, skirt and all. Pretty great to see, considering last year at this time she was bald from chemo and finishing radiation for breast cancer!

My 16 year old niece had to jump in the action as well.

And the good part about having a brother is he can drag you back up the hill, so that he can fling you back down the line, secretly hoping you might fall off. It's a brother thing!


Kathynruss said...

Priceless memories. I rode a zip line once, leaving from a picnic table on a rise and went straight down to the ground! Guess it wasn't made for fat old ladies! Nothing hurt but my dignity!

Thanks for changing from pink BG. 'Preciate it.

Dan said...

Oh my goodness that looks fun. I totally want one.