Thursday, September 11, 2008

So I was feeling a little guilty about all my gushing over Tim McGraw and my unhealthy attraction to him. So today's it's my hubby's turn.

See we have an anniversary coming up soon (watch for that post) and the reality is that I am beyond grateful to have this man in my life.

He's loved me through thick and thin (literally), good and bad, and is an amazing dad. I so wish that I had is patience. Seriously, patience of a saint this one.

Over the years he has never once called me a name, or engaged in a real fight with me. He's only said one really stupid thing to me in all these years and I love to remind him of that. When I was pregnant with my first son, about 8 months, he said to me "You know, your belly is so big now that it makes your butt look small"--and no sooner had the words cleared his mouth than he knew it had made a grave error in judgement. It's all a very good laugh now.

He has tolerated me bringing home 2 dogs he didn't want, and blessed me with 2 boys.

He and I are very different personalities.

Me: spunky, slightly loud, a little dramatic, can't get enough people interaction, and maybe even a little neurotic.

Him: quiet, reserved, and well, quiet and reserved. Oh, and very thoughtful, and sweet.

What I'm trying to say is, I kind of like the guy and I guess I keep him for a few more years.

Oh, and he's kind of easy on the eyes too!


Sara said...

I agree, easy on the eyes, but his eyes...WOWZA!